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We provide consulting within digital entertainment.

Whether it’s professionals on contract, end-to-end project delivery or expert advisory, we offer personalized services tailored to your needs.

Our expert Producers, Engineers and Product Managers are available for both short-term and long-term commitments. We have experience in gameplay, tools, systems and full-stack development.
From designers, developers and artists to product managers, tech leads and producers, we cover all roles necessary to work with you to deliver end-to-end projects and features based on your vision.
With our in-depth knowledge, we provide expert guidance and strategic advice within organisation, product management and development of digital entertainment products and services.

We’re proud to be trusted by the

world's best in digital entertainment.

"A Dashy producer joined our team and significantly uplifted our project with their proactive, collaborative spirit and deep understanding of our processes. They're not only effective but also embody our 'Fun and Friendly' values, making our partnership a delightful success.”
Product Director
"Dashy helped boost our productivity and creativity during the early stages of production on our latest mobile game. They bring great energy, passion and skill sets and are always professional, responsive and friendly. Team Dashy were phenomenal.”
Tech Director
Roro Interactive

Recent work

Award winning experiences. Let’s create together.

Our engineers supported with development of exciting gameplay features for the new creative playground experience called wim from Embark.
Candy Crush
We have had a long standing collaboration with King supporting them with producers and engineers in the continued development of the widely successful game Candy Crush Saga.
We supported Avalanche Studios by leading the production of Gameplay, Level Design and UI/UX for the game Contraband.

About us

We are a passionate
"Leading projects at Dashy is about blending vision with execution. Our focus on groundbreaking digital experiences lets us meet tomorrow's entertainment needs today."
Alexander Östman
Co-Founder & Gameplay Developer
team based in Stockholm
"Driving the vision for Dashy alongside a talented team is a dream come true. Our collaborative spirit ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation, crafting experiences that resonate with our audience."
Robin Linder
Co-Founder & Producer
on a mission to
"At Dashy, creativity and innovation are at the core of everything we do. Being part of the gameplay development team allows me to push the boundaries of digital entertainment, making every day a new adventure."
Anton Orö
Gameplay Developer
create happiness by helping
“At Dashy, our shared passion for digital entertainment unites us. We thrive in a collaborative environment, constantly supporting and inspiring each other. Our culture values fun, support, and inclusivity, promoting both personal and professional growth. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.”
Dejan Dimic
Co-Founder & Product Manager
companies and people
"At Dashy, each project brings a new challenge that enhances my creativity and skills. It's fulfilling to see our teamwork turn into engaging games that entertain people."
Martin Kings
Gameplay Developer
build meaningful
"Combining art and technology to bring game concepts to life is truly rewarding. At Dashy, I'm encouraged to explore and innovate, contributing to our unique digital entertainment portfolio."
Sherilynne Herb
3D Artist & Gameplay Developer
and memorable
"Working at Dashy has sharpened my skills in gameplay development. It's inspiring to be surrounded by a team that's equally passionate about creating immersive digital worlds."
Kevin Neijd
Gameplay Developer
We are a passionate team based in Stockholm on a mission to create happiness by helping companies and people build meaningful and memorable experiences.
If you’d like to consider working with us— we’d love to talk.

Beliefs powering our work:

Entertainment is powerful. Moments of entertainment combined with human connection are powerful, and they leave a lasting impact on our lives. We believe in the transformative power of entertainment and the potential it holds for enhancing human well-being.
The entertainment space is converging. Previously distinct mediums like gaming, film, music, and virtual reality are merging to create more interconnected and immersive experiences. This convergence is not only expanding creative possibilities but also transforming how the entertainment industry collaborates and blurs traditional boundaries.
Creativity and productivity require trust and leadership. Achieving excellence in digital entertainment hinges on the interplay of creativity and productivity, a synergy that best flourishes under the nurturing guidance of trust and strong leadership.
Innovation is the sum of learnings.This collective wisdom, shaped by the unique perspectives and experiences of each team member, becomes the foundation upon which innovative ideas are built. Encouraging a work environment that values continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and effective teamwork serves as the catalyst for innovation.
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Our guiding principles

Happiness first
Happiness is at the core of Dashy. It drives how we collaborate, innovate, and deliver. We aim to foster a workspace where laughter is common and challenges are met with optimism. Whether it's among our team or with our clients, our goal is a journey filled with joy.
Meaningful experiences
We believe in purpose, both in the projects we undertake and the environment we cultivate at Dashy. For us, it's not just about ticking boxes. It's about diving deep into what matters, ensuring that our collective efforts resonate internally and make a genuine difference for our clients.
Memorable moments
At Dashy, every day is a chance to leave a mark. Whether we're brainstorming as a team or delivering at a client, we aim for those 'Do you remember when...?' moments. This isn't just about external impact—it's about creating a workspace where every memory counts.
at Dashy is to enrich people's lives through joyful, fulfilling, and impactful digital experiences.
Our goal is to deliver happiness and memorable moments to everyone, everywhere.
If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you and we’ll get in touch.
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